Not around, through. I’m in a season of walking through the things I’d rather naturally avoid. It’s a deep season and a pivotal one. It’s filled with learning to deal with mishaps and pressure and failure without doubting myself or my abilities or worth.

There is no circumstance or situation that could ever devalue my core essence. I am not those problems or puzzles I find hard to solve. I’m breaking up with these kind of thoughts and feelings.

I’m off the hook. I’m not taking anything personally anymore.

Prophetic Word

In a vision I saw a path in a forest.  Part of the path was lit by the sun shining through the tree branches, but most of it was shrouded in darkness and obscured as it meandered through dense vegetation.  And, I heard the Lord say:  This path represents where you are going both naturally and spiritually.  You will not be able to look very far ahead, but as you stay present with Me the path will be clear enough, and I will take you every step of the way in safety.  Trust Me to lead you with clarity.

Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.